Eduardo is an amazing attorney from El Salvador. It is so nice to talk to an immigration lawyer from your own country. Things are different in El Salvador and Eduardo understands our situation and our language. I tell everyone I know about Eduardo. He is so helpful and has helped a few of my friends. He is a great member of the Salvadoran community in Long Island.

Juana T.

Aaron and Eduardo helped me win my asylum case before the immigration court for me and my three children. They were very patient with me and helped me tell my story to the judge. They are very kind and helpful people.

Maira G.

Aaron helped my sister and I win our asylum cases in court. I struggled to tell my story, but Aaron was very calm and patient with me so that I could prepare my story to tell to the judge. He is a very nice attorney.

Ana C.

I met Eduardo at the El Salvador Consulate. He goes there to give free information to our people. It makes me proud to see a young man from El Salvador as a lawyer helping out his people.

Diana T.

I love these attorneys. They helped my daughter get her residency through the family court. They were always so well prepared and handled our case very quickly. I highly recommend them.

Xiomara S.

Eduardo helped me with my TPS application. He developed a good plan for me for when TPS ends. I feel very confident with his knowledge. I had spoken to other attorneys who didn’t seem to know how TPS worked and how one can use it find a path to residency.

Juan Z.

Aaron helped me with a petition for my wife. I am a U.S. citizen and wanted to help my wife come to the U.S. to be with me. He explained the process to me and helped me understand each step. He is a very knowledgeable about immigration law.

Brian S.

Eduardo is able to explain the most difficult immigration matters to people who do not understand the process. Eduardo has helped several members of my family with their immigration problems and he has been able to explain each situation so that we all understood. I have seen many immigration attorneys in Long Island over the years and no one has been able to explain to me how things work like Eduardo. Usually the attorneys out here just try to take your money. Eduardo even told a relative of mine that he should not risk doing a type of case that other attorneys have told us to do. He cares about people’s lives and not just getting money from them. Beware of attorneys who make things sound too easy. Eduardo always explained the risks and difficulties to us and it didn’t feel like he was selling us a case.

Carlos A.

I love the staff at Rivera Julka Law Group. They are all very helpful and will find an answer to your questions if they don’t know.

Elsa C. A.

Thank you so much for helping us with our son’s case. Our son was detained by immigration and Aaron and Eduardo helped us win our case and our son was released to us. They even went to visit my son in New Jersey in jail so that they could prepare his case. They really helped us in a horrible situation.

Rosa F.